Composing Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Now it is very easy to explain how you can compose an argumentative essay. But the key word in the title of this article is unique. This is an interesting word because there are some people who use degrees of uniqueness. They talk about something being very unique, almost unique or quite unique. They are wrong. Unique stands by itself. There is only one example of something which is unique. So if you are composing an argumentative essay topic which is unique, you have a tricky task in front of you.

First of all let's be sure we understand what we mean by an argumentative essay. We all know what an argument is. So here you are required to write a piece of prose on the topic which causes people to disagree. It's a controversial topic. It has at least two points of view. So in writing an argumentative essay you need to take a point of view created by the topic and argue, hence the name of the type of essay, your point of view. Your success as an essay writer will be determined by how well you argue your case.

In composing a unique argumentative essay topic you need to have several qualities.

  • The topic must certainly cause of division.
  • The angle or pitch you take must be unique.
  • Being able to criticize the alternative view is a huge plus.

You will never compose a unique argumentative essay topic if you choose something which is bland. The very mention of your topic must cause people to say things like ‘I agree with that’ or ‘I don't agree with that’. You will never create a unique topic unless the subject matter is divisive.

Now many people may write an argumentative essay on the same topic you have chosen. In that case you will not have chosen something which is unique. But you can achieve that goal if you look for a different angle. What is a different approach to arguing that particular point of view? Get that right and you immediately add the word unique to your argumentative essay topic.

Now while it's true that you should be able to mount a strong case supporting your point of view in the argumentative essay, if at the same time you can denigrate the opposing point of view, you only give yourself a chance of getting a terrific score but will also have created a unique argumentative essay.

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