Helpful Hints For Writing A Comparative Evaluation Essay

You probably have been asked to write a comparative essay by your tutor or supervisor, and if not, you will surely be asked to. Before you embark on writing down your piece of work, one of the most important steps is choosing two topics that can be relatively compared to. Once you done with that have well researched and organized facts relating to the two subjects. With that in mind, how do you write this paper?

Content development

Developing your content is categorized into sub divisions, which include:

  1. Question analysis. Having a perfect idea for your paper is one thing but matching it with your tutor's requirements, is another issue. Carefully analyze and interpret your prompt, keeping in mind key words and phrases. If you don't understand the prompt, seek assistance.
  2. Know which type of paper you are expected to write. At times you may only be required to write just a compare and contrast paper and at other times an evaluation in regardless to your comparisons, is required.
  3. Have a list. Have a list incorporating of both similarities and differences between the two topics of discussion. Later, evaluate your list. High chances are, you won't be able to write down every point in your list. Choose those that carry a lot of weight.
  4. Research your topics. You need to provide supporting and related details for your subjects. However, provide information that your work can bear.
  5. Thesis statement. Express yourself in a single sentence, which is the thesis statement. It should be clear and precise.

Content organization

It is necessary to have a well organized content structure. A unique feature of this type of writing, is that it has different strategies.

  1. Paragraph structures. The easiest and most comprehensive paragraph format, is the mixed method. Intercept your paragraphs. Another different structure is, first state everything about one topic before proceeding to the second subject. Ensure you thoroughly cover each subject. The type of format to use will highly depend on the length of your work.
  2. Paragraph arrangement. In order to have a good flow of ideas, your first paragraph statement should give an idea of what you plan on discussing. It should then be followed by an explanation of your main idea and examples. The last statement should be a conclusion. At the end of your work, have a conclusion paragraph that summarizes everything.

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