Using Essay Example As A Template

Writing an essay is so much easier when you have a template to follow. If you’ve ever wondered if you can use someone else’s essay example to write your own, you can! There are a few tips you should use to making the most of an example. Just make sure that when you follow another person’s work to guide your own that you never plagiarise and use the exact words that they wrote. It can be a great experience using another essay to help your efforts, and if used the right way, can get you a much better grade for this essay. A template is like a ready-made outline that you didn’t have to write. Here are some tips for choosing a good essay example to use:

  • Make sure it has perfect spelling and grammar. You don’t want to follow an essay example that’s riddled with mistakes.
  • The essay example needs to be close to the subject matter and length of your own essay requirements. This makes it easier to follow the format, number of words, and the tone that’s appropriate for a topic like yours.
  • Check the essay for quotes or a bibliography; you might be able to reuse some of their sources and save yourself time from researching very much.
  • An example essay needs to be well written, and that’s sometimes hard to judge. If you don’t think you’re able to spot good writing, ask a parent, friend or even your teacher their opinion of your chosen example.
  • Before you use the essay as a template, you should have a list of everything you need for your own essay close by. Just because something looks awesome in your example doesn’t necessarily mean you should include it in yours. Be very clear on your teacher’s particular requirements.

Writing an Essay using a Template

Once you have the example essay that you want to use, it’s really quite easy to write your own first draft with it. Use this example just as you would any other outline you’ve written yourself. Start by filling in the words of the other essay with your own and putting in your research where it sounds right. Go paragraph by paragraph, copying the structure and approximate length of your example. Done this way, it will be so easy to write your essay and get a really good grade for it.

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