Helpful Recommendations on Writing a 3-Paragraph Essay

Although the five-paragraph essay is considered to be the standard, the three-paragraph essay is a common requirement. To get a good grade on this type of writing, students should use the following tips. As a rule, each three-paragraph essay will include an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.

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The Introduction

With such a short piece of writing, students really have to make sure that their introduction makes an impact. This section of the paper is basically an outline for everything else that will follow. In the first few sentences, the student should write out the thesis for their essay. This thesis essentially sums up everything that the paper will be about. In addition, the first sentence of the introduction should use some type of hook that draws in the reader. The hook could be a question, a quote or a short anecdote that makes the reader want to find out more.

The Body Paragraph

With only three paragraphs, the second paragraph needs to be well-written. This paragraph is the body of the paper, so it expands upon the thesis and introduces any relevant information. It should build naturally on the previous paragraph and set the writing up for the conclusion. For a top score on the assignment, students should make sure that their second paragraph uses transition words.


At the end of the document, students will need to give the conclusion. This sums up everything that the essay was about, and it will restate what was covered in the thesis. By the end of the conclusion, the reader should be left with a lasting impression of the student's main idea.

Edit Thoroughly

In a thirty-page research paper, it is expected for students to make some mistakes. With so much writing, it is impossible to edit everything perfectly. When it comes to the three-paragraph essay, mistakes must be avoided completely. The student only has a few short sentences to demonstrate their writing abilities, so they must be able to do it well. Proper grammar, good spelling and a strong writing style are must-have skills for this type of writing.

Creating a three-paragraph essay does not have to be difficult. As long as students create an outline and edit their work, they can produce a well-made paper. In general, this type of writing should only take a maximum of one or two hours to complete. If the student is a fast writer, they may even be able to finish it in just 10 or 20 minutes.

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