Ways to Start an Elaborate Essay: Organizing Your Workplace

Starting an elaborate essay may seem like a huge ordeal, yet in reality it’s not. Organizing your workspace before beginning your essay is important. Having all of your tools where you can reach them will help you dramatically.

  • Decide if you will be writing your essay on paper or typing it up
  • Gather paper, pencils, laptop, charger, notes and set them where you will be working
  • Take a deep breath

If you haven’t already, decide on a topic that pertains to your assignment. Once you have chosen a topic, begin your outline.

Outlining Your Essay

By doing an outline of your essay, it helps you organize your thoughts so you can write them down into words. Making an outline is easy; all you need to do is jot down what you are thinking and do some research. Doing an outline helps you perfect the end result of your essay.

  • Decide what you want your essay to tell the world
  • Begin writing down the main ideas of your essay
  • Separate your words into chapters
  • Put events in chronological order

Writing your Essay

Once you have your outline complete use it to help you perfect your essay. Begin your essay with the Introduction. The Introduction is ideally what will draw your audience in. An essay is comprised of three main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion

Normally, the Introduction and the Conclusion are relatively short, but are very important. The Main Body is the content of your essay, what you are explaining to your audience. You want them to be enthralled in your words.

When you begin your introduction, you want to state exactly what you are trying to tell the reader. Once you have finished your introduction, you will begin on the Main Body.

The Main Body of your essay should be a detailed version of why you chose this particular topic. In this instance you will give the reader all of the juicy tidbits of your research.

Once you have finished your masterpiece of the Main Body, it’s time to close it out with the Conclusion. The ending of any great piece of work is usually hard to write. Don’t let that stop you from again stating your point, and making this the best part of your essay.

When writing, don’t lose who you are, integrate yourself in the story and it will be amazing.

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