Cloning Of Humans for Body Parts

Advancements in science have been on the increase. This has come with more improvements and advancements in technology. Cloning is one of the most recent scientific progress. Cloning of body parts in humans involves extracting or obtaining genes that poses desirable characteristics from the DNA of the cells of the body of the humans. Cloning of human body parts is one form of asexual reproduction in humans. Some believe that cloning of body parts is a form of nature manipulation. They thus consider it morally wrong. A lot of ethical issues are also coming up on Cloning of Humans for Body parts. The cloning of humans for body parts is thus one of the most controversial issues in the world of science. Other people are for it while others are opposed to this kind of practice. Different religions are also against this practice of Cloning of Human Beings for Body Parts as they think that it is wrong and should thus not be done or practiced. The topic has remained debatable and continues to be an issue of discussion for many all over the world. Cloning of humans for body parts has its advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Cloning of Humans for Body Parts

The benefits of cloning of Humans for body parts are one of the major reasons why some people support Cloning of Humans. Organs replacement could be a major advantage of cloning of humans to obtain body parts. Once cloning has been done, body parts can be available for the people who need organ replacement. Organ donation from cloning of humans could help save lives of people through organ replacement. Another advantage of cloning people for organs is that parents can fill a void in case they lose one of their children. Cloning of body parts for people could also assist those that are childless to get children. If cloning of humans for body parts were done, some people would remain helpful in the world. People who make an impact in the society could remain even after they die. This could help to keep their works and influences alive.

Disadvantages of Cloning of Humans for Body Parts

After cloning of humans for body parts, there would be a lot of uncertainty about the effects or repercussions on the future generation. Some diseases may occur as a result of mutation. These diseases may be a threat to the other humans.

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