Employment As An Airport Manager

  • Introduction
  • Earlier it was not possible in the history that man could fly in the air but then people find a way to travel by air but risk is involved, that is why it is very sensitive. Extra care, attention and security are being practiced at airports. Career in aviation seems very charming but it comes with so many responsibilities. High security and extra care and attention are paid for the operations and management at airport. Airport manager has the authority and responsibility. Airport manger has so many responsibilities and has to face several challenges as well on daily basis. It requires alertness, attentiveness, negotiation, personnel management, designing and implementing procedures and negotiating airport contracts and leases. Challenges that airport manager face varies, every day they have to deal with different problems and they have to manage their personal life along with the job.

  • Responsibilities
  • The job has a big scope but taking responsibility is the main part of employment as an airport manager. Airport manager is responsible for good customers experience at airport. Responsibilities of airport manager includes overseeing daily operation, negotiating airport contracts and leases, monitoring expenditures of airport, coordinating construction and they may be responsible for supervising employees. If any unexpected issue happens they can be called as all the responsibility of smooth operation of airport is on the shoulders of airport manager. So they have to come up quickly to full fill their responsibility and resolve the issue.

  • Challenges
  • The challenges that an airport manager face are different every day. Airport manager has the challenge to ensure smooth operations. It can range from security, facilities provided to customers, employees, operations and maintenance of airplanes and other machinery. Airport managers face new changes on a daily basis. No two situations are same, every time they face different problem they have to come up with unique solution that is more effective and efficient. For example a problem can occur in engine of the plane, there can be a problem that a passenger creates. Airport manger faces a challenge of work line balance as well as they are expected to come to duty when ever called for on emergency situations. Their job is though and hectic therefore they should be good at stress management.

  • Conclusion
  • The employment as airport manger is an authoritative position where a manger takes the responsibility and oversees daily operations and ensures smoothness. A person knowing the challenges and responsibilities can have a great career in aviation industry as airport manager.

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