Learning how to write top quality academic papers

How important is it to write good papers when in school or college?

If you know how to write good academic papers,  you will most likely survive through the years of studying. This is one of the most important skills you need to have to successfully pass most of the subject you will study. If there are a lot of students in your class, your essay may become the only way for you to stand out, to let the professor notice you. On the contrary, a poorly written paper will spoil the way the teacher will treat you in the future. An essay will create a certain image about you and can even be determining your grade for the whole course! So these are the basics you shall know to succeed in every class.

What shall my essay contain?

The structure of the essay will, of course, depend on its type. Also, some professors tend to give specific instructions on what the paper shall contain and how it shall look like. Do not forget to check on those. Otherwise, here is what your essay usually shall look like:

  1. Introduction. This is the part where shortly you make the reader aware of your topic and what you think about it.
  2. Main body. Usually consists of 3-4 paragraphs, supporting your point, giving evidence, quotes etc.
  3. Conclusion. This part is designed to not let the reader forget what you were talking about and leave some impression of you.
  4. References. If you borrowed some thoughts or ideas from someone or somewhere, do not forget to give them credit for it, or you will get in trouble. Use this section to tell where you took your sources from.
  5. Appendices. In this part you have to leave all the material that will be interesting for the reader, but you don’t want it to cram up the actual body. Charts, diagrams, pictures – all can fit in here.

What is a citation style and why shall I pay attention?

One more specific demand you can see in your instructions and shall pay attention to, as it highly influences the grade. Basically, this is the way your paper shall look like and in which form you are supposed to cite the sources. Usually it has a lot of requirements, be sure to read the latest issued guidelines and you will for sure stay out of trouble.

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