What To Know About The Structure Of An Informative Essay

The informative essay is a popular kind of assignment given to both high school and college-aged students. It’s an excellent way for students to learn how to format a well-written piece that doesn’t provide an argument one way or another but instead attempts to inform or explain something. Here are a few things you should know about the structure of a good informative essay:

  • Writing the Compare and Contrast Essay:
  • The compare and contrast paper requires students to compare and contrast two related subjects. These are quite common and usually require some critical thought during the organization phase. A lot of students usually have an easy time writing this kind of paper and can usually structure their work using a point by point format, where you present a single topic within two related subjects.

  • Writing the Definition Essay:
  • The definition paper requires students to explain something by using facts, examples, or synonyms that readers can easily understand. You begin this kind of assignment by first simply defining your subject, presenting clear and basic information then going on to providing your explanation of the subject using effective topics.

  • Choosing the Correct Outline:
  • Depending on the subject and the assignments specific requirements you will have more than a few outline types to choose from. It’s a good idea to first brainstorm your topics, evidence and examples. Cluster related items and think of ways in which you could write and present your subject in the most simple way possible. Making your paper readable and understandable is key.

  • Keeping to One Topic for Each Paragraph:
  • Be sure not to confuse your readers with complicated paragraphs. Since you will be considering two or more sides on a subject it’s important to keep to a single topic for each paragraph. If your intention is to compare and contrast football and basketball you would use a single paragraph to explain how the two are alike and commit a separate paragraph to explaining how they are different. Use this structure throughout your paper.

  • Staying Objective and Balanced:
  • When writing either kind of paper you must be sure to remain completely objective and balanced so that you present all sides of a topic evenly. The informative essay should provide only examples or evidence considered academic and indisputable. Your sources should come from credible writings. Check with your instructor if you are unsure or have doubts about whether your sources are appropriate.

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