20 Attention-Grabbing Ideas For Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a particular form of academic paper that will require you to examine a particular topic, and describe it in much the same way as you would when telling a story. You do not necessarily need to use a fictional topic, despite the fact that you will be using a story-like way of writing this piece of work. In fact, you can look at factual topics, as well as occurrences that happened in the past.

If you have not been provided with any instructions relating to what topic you should choose, and instead you have completely free rein, then this can provide you with a wide range of different topics and ideas you can use. You may wish to use your imagination in order to think of a particularly interesting idea that will appeal to you, as well as one that you will enjoy writing about. Furthermore, using various brainstorming techniques can be a great way of coming up with excellent attention grabbing ideas that you would like to use.

To give you some ideas of what you could write about, the following lists 20 different topics that would be suitable for a narrative essay.

  1. If I was a millionaire
  2. If I was the leader of the country
  3. If I found a magic lamp and was granted three wishes by a genie
  4. The most important lesson I ever learned
  5. The biggest regret of my life
  6. If I could be a character from a sitcom on TV
  7. If I could choose to live anywhere that I wanted to in the world
  8. My idea of the perfect 24 hours
  9. If I have the opportunity to visit a number of planets in our solar system for one day
  10. If I had invented something from history it would be…
  11. If I could be any animal
  12. The scariest nightmare that I ever had
  13. An unusual memory from my childhood
  14. If I could choose any job to do when I am older
  15. If I could invite five guests (either living or deceased) to a dinner party
  16. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life
  17. If I had to choose one sense that I had to lose
  18. Is I won the lottery tomorrow
  19. My perfect evening in
  20. The worst day of my life

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