The Battle Of Algiers

The Battle of the Algiers is a film that tries to show the account of events that occurred during the period between 1952 and 1962 when the Algerian War took place in the North Africa. The film was released in 1966. This war involved the Africans and the French colonialists. The Africans were fighting in resistance to the Colonial government while the French were fighting to regain control of the Africans. Gillo Pontecorvo is the film director of the Battle of Algiers film. The Battle of Algiers was rated as on one of the best and greatest movies. The film depicts how the Africans by use of guerilla welfare attained independence from the French colonialists. 1954 -1957 is the period that the film the Battle of Algiers concentrates on. The Battle of the Algiers film depicts how fighters expanded and regrouped in Casbah. The French troopers and their attempts of regained the territory are also shown in the Battle of Algiers film. The Battle of Algiers depicts how the French government tries and attempts to contain the Africa's guerilla fighting techniques.

The Battle of Algiers and Guerilla Movement

The Battle of Algiers film has shown much about the Africa's guerilla movement in North Africa against the French Colonialists. The film’s release was during the time when countries were struggling and gaining independence from the colonial governments all over Africa. The film’s release coincided with most countries’ decolonization period. The film encouraged the formation of guerrilla movements elsewhere in other nations even outside North Africa. The film could have inspired violence politically and also had an effect on terrorists copying the tactics depicted and shown in the film. At some point, the Battle of Algiers film was controversial as it was not clear on whose side the film was acted on. Some French people thought that the movie showed much sympathy to the people of North Africa.

The Battle of Algiers and Political Controversy

The Battle of Algiers Film was seen as controversial especially by the French government and this led to the banning of the movie for three months. The French believed that the Battle of Algiers film somehow showed sympathy for Africans in the North Africa. The France government was not very sure of on what side the Battle of Algiers film was on. Attempts by the film producer to neutralize the movie, however, did not see the ban lifted.

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