How Can You Write an Essay in 2 Hours?

It is difficult to imagine the circumstances in which you would have to write an essay from scratch in two hours but certainly it can be done. The point though is that it needs to be done well so throwing any sort of writing together is a waste of time. What you need to do and do well is to plan and use the plan to reach your goal. Forget about panic. Only by keeping a cool head will you have a chance of not only writing the essay in two hours but doing it well. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Choose a topic which really suits you.
  • Choose a topic which has a contemporary feel with plenty of available research material.
  • Brainstorm to collect a variety of ideas.
  • Create your plan.
  • Create a timetable.

The assumption of course is that you are able to choose your own topic because if you are not and the topic is really tricky then you have the job in front of you. You are like the little boy with a wheelbarrow going uphill. It's a tough job. But assuming you have chosen a topic which really suits your interests, make sure that it is in the news so to speak and you have no trouble finding lots of relevant research material. Mind you, you won't have a lot of time for reading a lot of research material.

With your topic in front of you, brainstorm that topic and write down as many thoughts and ideas as you can. From those thoughts and ideas you're ready to create your plan. This involves a thesis statement, an introduction, body paragraphs with one major point per paragraph and finally the conclusion.

Now comes the most important part in the writing of your essay which is the creation of the timetable. You've already used up some time in choosing the topic and brainstorming etc. Now you need to create a timeline. You will spend 20 minutes on research. You will write the first draft within 20 minutes. You will spend 10 minutes on rewriting the first draft and 10 minutes on corrections. This type of timeline or timetable is your key to finishing the essay in two hours. This is a task you can achieve and do so to a high standard. But you must remain cool and have a plan as outlined in this article.

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