Tips for Students: Who Can Help Me with Essay Editing

Editing your essay

Writing an essay is an interesting thing to do. If the topic is of your interest, it is more like communicating your thoughts to a readership. This can get very interesting if you have a passion for your topic and writing both. Not everyone is a skilled writer but every student is taught to write essays since their early grades. If you have written your essay and think you are done with your task then you are probably wrong. Writing is only the half part of finishing an assignment. The tough part is to edit. Usually students confuse editing with proof reading. The basic difference between editing and proof reading is simple. Proof reading is more about going through your essay, keeping a keen eye for grammatical, and text errors. You need to check for misspelled words and typos during the proof reading phase. Editing however is different. It is about rephrasing your sentences that do not have a clear meaning. You need to cut down irrelevant details and repetition from your essay. You might as well have to check the overall direction of your paper and see if the essay follows a logical order.

Who can help you with editing your essay?

Editing your essay is not as easy as it may seem. You will need expert guidance and notes to carefully cut down all the irrelevant data and add value to your essay. If you are wondering who can help you with all the editing that you need for your essay then you are just on the right page.

Here are a few places you can get help with your essay editing

Your seniors at the university

Seniors at the university have been through what you are dealing with right now. Whether you are studying at high school, college or a university, your seniors will always know better than you in terms of course material.

Your teachers at the university

Your teacher can be very helpful with the essay editing part. They can help you with revising and editing your essay if they have enough time. You may ask them to help you in free time when they do not have a class.


  • Send it over to an online writing agency
  • Get an opinion from your friends
  • Check with a software
  • Read grammar and editing tips in books

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