Health Status And Health Care Services In Canada With Comparison To The United States

While both health care services do have their positive points, most Canadians and Americans can agree is that they don’t want each other’s health care.  Americans don’t want the government in charge of its health care and Canadians don’t want to pay high out of pocket cost to receive care.  Even though we have the Affordable Care Act, that gives people subsidies and makes it mandatory for all Americans to have insurance or the will have to pay penalties for not having it.  Canada Health Act is a universal and every resident has their own plan through the province they live in.  Canada is not limited to who they can see or which hospital they can go to and they don’t have to pay upfront for costs that might acquire.

This means that Canadians can go to a clinic or have a procedure done and don’t have to worry about if it is an out of network doctor or being hit with a huge bill over the services.  It is based on what the patient needs, not on their ability to pay the bill.  Canadian health care is based on need and American health care is based on price. Since Canadian health care is publicly funded, they don’t have different plans for health insurance.  So people from every income level have the same coverage, unlike the United States, where you pay for a plan and still have to cover sometimes over have of your bill yourself.

United States benefits vary form age, employment, and the cost of their insurance.  This all might sound like a pretty good deal but wait times are longer in Canada for services and they don’t have drug coverage.  Since only two provinces have mandated drug coverage, the rest of Canada has to get it through their employers or pay for a plan.  It is also hard to get the prescription drugs that you need in Canada.

The United States and Canada differ on their health care services but both do lack in education on the systems to their natives.  Most Americans and Canadians only know a portion of what’s really going on in your health care system.  And even with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, many Americans are still in the dark or confused on what this bill really means to them.  Just because it is suppose to be affordable doesn’t mean that all Americans can afford it, since there are still over forty million people still without insurance.

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