What Is The Meaning Of A Narrative Essay: Three Handy Pointers

Throughout school, college and university you’ll be required to write many differently types of papers and reports. One of the most common types of paper you’ll be expected to write is the essay. As there are many different types that you may need to be able to write, you’ll probably need to spend quite a bit of time learning about the meaning of each and how to write them. One specific type that you will most definitely need to know how to compose is the narrative essay. And that’s why this handy guide will simplify the matter and explain the meaning of a narrative essay using three handy pointers.

Pointer number 1: Understand what a narrative essay actually is

So, the first thing you need to know about this type of paper is what its all about. Essentially a narrative essay is a formal written piece in which the author is required to tell his or her story to his or her reader. The story in this type of paper is usually something that happened to the author personally, so the use of the personal pronoun “I” is perfectly acceptable. For example: “I had to leave the house early that morning”.

Pointer number 2: It requires vivid descriptions

Although a narrative essay is not the same as a descriptive paper, it also requires the author to make use of very vivid descriptions. For example, “the fierce beast’s teeth glistened in the glow from the fire”. This is to draw the reader deep into the story and effectively engross him or her in it. Descriptive language also helps bring the story to life for your reader, while making him or her believe that they’re actually invested in the outcome of your story.

Pointer number 3: It requires concrete details

Finally, this type of paper requires the author to use as many concrete details throughout the story as possible. For example, “I downed a cup of bitter, black coffee” is a lot more concrete than “I had something to drink”. Similar to vivid descriptions, concrete details help to bring the story to life for the reader by painting a realistic picture of events.

Hopefully, after you’ve carefully studied those three handy pointers about the meaning of a narrative essay, you can employ them to write your own story. Try to make it so riveting that your reader won’t be able to drag him or herself away from it until the very last word!

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