Adhere to Our Instructions while Writing an Essay

In writing any essay, it is not about being right or wrong, that the student is graded on, it is following the rules of the essay. And yes, there are many rules in an essay, and they all have to be followed. What this article is about, is how to perform a good essay, by following the rules. The rules will be broken into three categories; Writing rules, Style rules, and research rules. Each of these are very important. In every article read about essays, these are the three most common rules talked about.

  1. Writing Rules
  2. Style Rules
  3. Research Rules
  4. Form Rules
  • Writing Rules
  • Writing rules are the most basic, but no less important. This consists of; spelling, grammar, context, syntax, and every other rule of writing. Plus add on how to make a statement, so you have rules that help with forming the structure of a sentence. Improper context design, can easily cause a reader to interpret something other than the writer is saying. It all has to work together is it is going to be a coherent essay.

  • Style Rules
  • In College and University work, every essay will be assigned a style form. It can be; MLA, AP, APA, Chicago, or any of the other styles out there. That does not matter; what does matter, is that the assigned form is followed. Everything from the; margins, citations, headers, footnotes, references, and every aspect the guide says. The student also needs to make sure they follow the rules for electronic citing and referencing.

  • Research Rules
  • Research is the key to any good essay. Ignoring these rules, and using poor or unacceptable sources will ruin any essay. No matter how good the work is, if the sources are not credible for the essay, then the essay is trash! There are lists, and guides on types of resources, that have been provided, There is no reason the student cannot follow these rules.

  • Form Rules
  • The essay is written in three parts; Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Each part has been explained, and outlined, if these are not followed, then the essay will be unnavigable. Developing an outline to work the essay from being also part of the form. The outline helps the student design the parts and the essay. With out it, they will have trouble working the essay together, and producing a competent essay.

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