Evaluating an online academic writing service

Why are there so many academic writing websites?

Having your paper written for you by an online academic writing service will definitely save you a lot of time and effort. Every day students find some of their assignments too boring, too complicated or too bad-timed and decide to get help writing it. Some spend hundreds of dollars each month to get through some courses.  Recently this type of service has become very popular and is constantly developing. More and more websites are created every month. Of course, it is quite easy to get lost in the ocean of different websites and confused about which one is good and legitimate and which one is a scam.

What shall I check when looking for academic assistance?

Though it is usually hard to trust an unknown company with your personal information and money. Be sure to check the following information. This will check if the company plans some illegal business or how they treat their customers.

  1. Check the price on the website. Some websites may attract customers with small prices and huge discounts. But the small price not always means high quality, it is usually quite different. Good writers demand to be paid accordingly. Websites that try to lure customers with very cheap services are not usually worth trusting.
  2. Make sure the website provides papers, written from scratch. If the website allows you access to the articles and essays, posted online, you can imagine, how many other users can see the same content. The same related to the services that promise to make your paper in a really short terms, for example, less than an hour. Inquire, if the paper will be checked for plagiarism.
  3. Ask if you can contact the writer in the process of work and if yes, then how. Do not worry, if the website does not allow you direct communication to the writer. Usually you will be able to exchange messages with the writer through the website. Check if the website has this feature, you may need to clarify something with the writer in process or after completing the paper.
  4. Check if you are allowed to ask the writer to change the paper after it is completed, if you have any problems with it. If the company is confident in its services, it will for sure have a revision policy and will grant you a free revision within some period after you paper is completed.

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