Choosing a Proper Essay Format in No Time

Essays have different purposes. Sometimes an essay is very formal and at other times it is not so formal. Additionally, some subjects lend themselves to MLA style and others are more appropriate to APA style. A science or humanities essay is usually APA style and English papers are most often MLA style. You need to get very clear instructions from your teacher concerning what type of format to use. Do not be afraid to ask questions if the instructions are not clear to you, or even ask for a law essay help.

Use the following steps to help you get a speedy and proper format quickly:

  • Get all the instructions from the teacher
  • Ask questions
  • Decide if the paper is formal or not
  • Find out if in-text citations will be needed
  • Find out if a Works Cited or Bibliography page is needed
  • Pick your topic

Now once you know what the details of your paper consist of, you can proceed properly in formatting. The most important step to quickly getting the correct format is the picking and the writing of the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

For each main point you have in your paper, you will have a paragraph. You will also have a paragraph for the introduction, as well as the conclusion.

Within each main idea, find three pieces of solid support for your points. Line up the paper with fact, opinion, support, and then fact, opinion, and support. You will do this three different times. Using this formula for each of the body paragraphs, you do not have to waste time formatting. You know how you want your format to look form the beginning of the job. It is like having a recipe for a cake. You are then able to line up the tools or ingredients you need for the recipe.

The Introduction

Format the introduction for the paper quickly. Always check your spelling and check your grammar carefully. Make sure you include the following three items in the introduction:

  • The thesis statement (use two-five main points)
  • Background information (or the subject)
  • A hook or attention getter

The Conclusion

The conclusion will have a standard formula too. Make sure your conclusion has a:

  • Restatement of the thesis
  • A universal statement

If you follow this set formula for your paper, you will be able to quickly format and then quickly write your paper. You will be finished before you know it.

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