What Are Good Argument Topics For Essays?

Some essays tell a story, others describe a place or event, and some are clinical scientific research papers that must be written with absolute clarity and precision. An argumentative essay will require you to take a strong position on a potentially controversial topic and defend it. You are looking to convince the reader that your ideas are the right ones, and beyond reproach.

In some cases your course instructor will assign you a topic, or perhaps ask you a question. You will then have to decide where you stand on the issue under examination, and provide conclusive evidence supporting your claims. Finally, you will bring it all together in a powerfully worded finish that wins your audience over to your way of looking at the world. Or at least the issue at hand!

If you have not been given a subject for your essay, you'll have to start by tracking down a good topic. We've got some pointers for you as you brainstorm.

Don't Be Afraid To Rock The Boat!

Good topics for an argumentative essay would include those that are political, or likely to evoke strong personal views and even emotions. Environmental issues make great argumentative essays. Are the wealthy nations to blame for environmental degradation due to our wasteful use of resources? Or is overpopulation in poorer nations causing more harm?

They say sex sells, and it also can make for a great argumentative essay topic. Should pornography be banned? Are comics that depict rape acceptable, while actual photos are not? Is pornography art?

Argumentative Essay Topics That Won't Work

Subjects and statements that are generally accepted to be true should be avoided when you select an argumentative essay topic. The idea behind this sort of essay is that there are a variety of different views and opinions on the topic. Your supervisor is looking to see you draw your own conclusions as to what the correct position is, and defend your statements.

“Violent criminals should be punished” is an example of an ineffective essay topic. There are very few people who would argue that violent crime should be ignored. A good twist on this idea would be “violent criminals should be put to death”. Now you've added an element of controversy, which is a good thing in an argumentative essay.

If you want to really get some blood boiling, suggest that all violent criminal should be put to death by public stoning. As long as you can defend your position, don't be afraid to take an extreme one!

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