Freedom Of Speech - Is There Such Thing?

Freedom of speech is deemed one of the most critical issues in the world today. It is not known precisely what levels of freedom of speech that are allowed. Whereas freedom of speech is fundamental, care should be taken so as to ensure that some limits are not exceeded. This is what warrants for the question whether there actually the freedom of speech. Different states have got the chance to discuss and stipulate the right levels of freedom of speech that are allowed. The freedom that is not regulated would otherwise turn out to be disastrous. Thus the need to have legislations that will governor limit the freedom of speech provisions.

Common mistakes of freedom of speech

The main problem that is associated with the provision of freedom of speech is miss use. Most people want to exploit the factor of having the freedom of speech to hurt the feelings of others. It is good to note that offensive speech and hate speech are not allowed. It is not permitted by the law for any person to go abusing others because there is the freedom of speech. Speech that is aimed at inciting others is not allowed. Note that this does not give a person the right to show their dissatisfaction. You are however prohibited from inciting others. This goes together with being involved in utterances that disrupt law and order. This is not an infringement to the right to the freedom of speech. All that these limitations seek to do is to reduce balance all the rights so that there is a hospitable environment to live in.

Expression of Ideas

The freedom of speech gives on the right to express their ideas. This right is provided for regardless of what other people think. The majority may have their way, but each and every person has a right to speak out their minds and air their ideas. In America, people have the right to criticize both the government and religion. People are also given the right to protest. A protest is however restricted so as to maintain law and order. America has one of the most elaborate systems that allows or fights for the rights of expression. Satire is allowed and carton columns are allowed in the dailies. In some countries cartoonists that publish things that are against the government are punished. Many countries around the world are for the fight that people be given the freedom of speech. That points to a very good global initiative.

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