10 Great Ideas for Funny Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

If you are preparing to write a cause and effect essay you may want to write on something funny. However, great ideas for funny cause and effect topics can be hard to come up with. Below is a list that should get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Cause and effects of playing video games. What are the causes of playing too much video games and what are the proceeding effects of this? What about playing too little video games? Does this affect a directly opposite effect?
  2. What are the cause and effect of watching movies? This can lead to what type of movie effects humans in what type of way. Many questions can be aroused from this topic so be open-minded as well as ready to input lots of information.
  3. Cause and effect of eating a certain type of food? Well, this can be interestingly funny as to what you actually pick. Many of these foods can be linked to problems like diarrhea, so you know…have fun!
  4. The cause and effects of listening to music! An interesting topic and many of your audience would love this topic. Music is a vast topic, so be sure to analyze the numerous types of music and how they affect people.
  5. Another good topic to write about is relationships! How can different types of relations have different effects on people and the outcome of the relationship? You can include examples from all throughout history and modern current events as well.
  6. Weight control and weight problems. These topics can be funny, considering how far you’re willing to take the concept. You can include aspects of how eating too much can lead to weight gain or why people gain weight, or even why some people don’t gain weight at all!
  7. The cause and effect of how people end up with bad skin as far as pimples and acne. This can be a relatable topic which is why it can be deemed funny and your paper might actually help a few people know why they may have bad skin and ways they can improve it.
  8. Cause and effect of bad hygiene. Weird but interesting topic to bring out to light what may happen to those who don’t consider hygiene as well as they should and ways they can actually improve on that as well.
  9. Sex! Bring up the cause and effect concept in a normal living creature interaction we are all aware of. The cause and effect of having too much sex or too little sex. You can get as creative as you want with this topic.
  10. Marijuana – the most trending and controversial topic all over the world, especially in the United States. The effects of smoking marijuana or the effects of legalizing it, once again this is a major topic with numerous concepts involved so be sure to open-minded!

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