Writing An Essay About The Environment And How We Can Improve It

To some extent most of us are willing to admit that environmental concerns affect us, even if it is only a little bit. If you want to write about this phenomena, you must be prepared for a fairly large undertaking as every part of nature could conceivable be covered in your paper. Here are some tips that can help you in writing about ameliorating environmental problems.

  • Read some of the more recent scientific journals
  • This may be a bit tricky. Scientific journals tend to be a great source of unbiased and tested information but many of the entries within them are difficult to understand unless you are a scientist yourself. There will not always be a simplified version for lay people but if you can locate one it will help you immensely. The alternative is to look for documentaries on the environment but these are more likely to clearly be subjective.

  • Consider some of the alternative perspectives
  • There are many who consider major concerns such as climate change to be complete natural and in no way influenced by human activity. Whether you believe this or not, such opinions will have an effect on future policies as well as public opinion on the importance of change. They should therefore have a place in your paper.

  • Decide what you intend to focus on
  • Having gone through the research you would have come across many different possible solutions. It would be impossible to address all of them in detail but you can focus on the ones that you think are most important if you are trying not to exceed your word limit. If alternative energy is most important to you for instance, you might exclude your information on natural building techniques.

  • Consider how practical your proposed solutions are
  • The problems that exist in the environment persist because our way of life is dependent on them. Fossil fuels drive most of the industries that make our lives comfortable. In deciding what solution we will use, we must consider the level of discomfort it might produce and whether developed countries are willing to endure it. Kinetic energy, for instance, is one of the cleanest sources around but it requires a significant level of discomfort.

The state of our planet is a topic that can be mined for many thought provoking ideas. Start digging and you will find both problems and solutions.

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