What is a Persuasive Essay: The Difference from an Argumentative Essay


A persuasive essay is a type of essay in which you will persuade the audience using only your written word. This type of essay is used every day when an author is trying to persuade its intended audience to their personal point of view. Different tactics can be used to help your targeted audience come to your side:

  • Use humor in your essay
  • Personal Experience
  • Challenges

Each targeted person is drawn to one of those three tactics and will be more likely to read what you are trying to persuade them to read. All of these, when used appropriately, have their own unique appeal on the audience.


Argumentative Essays 

An argumentative essay is based on cold hard facts. This type of essay requires the author to research the topic thoroughly. Once researched, the author must then collect and evaluate the evidence for authenticity. Doing this allows the author to be completely precise on the topic allowing for it to be an argumentative essay. In order to make an argumentative essay effective, read the following:

  • Choose your topic
  • Consider both positions
  • Choose your side
  • Gather evidence

When writing your argumentative essay, you do not want a dramatic feel. You need to assert your position only after describing both sides in a professional manner while not allowing your personal feelings to bleed into the essay.


Differences between Argumentative and Persuasive Essays 

The first real difference we see between these two types of essays is in how the essays are written. Persuasive essays may appeal more to individuals who are looking for a personal twist on their essay, while argumentative essays appeal to individuals looking for a more logical approach. Argumentative essays are typically used more in learning courses designed to help you receive something. Persuasive essays are used from middle school and up to help students learn how to properly persuade the targeted audience to do or read what they want them to. The key differences between the two essay types are:

  • Argumentative essay focuses more on logic
  • Persuasive focuses more on what appeals more to the reader

As long as you focus and work really hard on your key position while writing either the argumentative or persuasive type of essay, you will, without a doubt, be able to convince your intended audience of your own position on the topic.

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