How to Write White Papers: Learn the Specifics

Writing white papers is a necessary skill of today’s corporate world. When writing a white paper, a problem is presented and a solution provided. Your white paper will walk us through a specific problem from beginning to end, and then comprehensively explain the possible solution(s).

  • Introduce Problem
  • Begin by sharing the main problem you intend to discuss throughout the white paper. What is the main issue? For instance, a school that suffers from a period of unproductivity following lunch due to increased sugar intake, may want to explore the negative effects of junk food on students’ behavior. So what is the major problem? Simply put the problem is students’ unproductivity.

  • Elaborate on Problem
  • Next, you will elaborate on the problem. How did it come to be a problem? Are there other negative effects as a result? Continuing with our example, the main problem is students’ unproductivity. Why is this a problem? We have already determined the problem, is behavioral as a result of poor diet. What other problems results from the unproductivity and poor diet?

  • Present Possible Solutions
  • After introducing the problem present, as well as elaborating on the many facets of the problem, you will move on to the body of your white paper. In the body of your white paper you will present possible solutions to your problems. You will discuss specifically how you propose the problem should be handled, and what actions will need to be carried out for success.

  • Consider conclusion
  • While writing, keep your conclusion in mind. Your entire white paper is working toward the conclusion, where you will reiterate your point and drive home it home. This is where we would readdress the seriousness of our students’ unproductivity following lunch. We would provide explanation for why we think it is a problem, and explain exactly how we intend to eliminate the problem. For our example, we would show the scientific evidence supporting our student problem, and then propose drastic means to overhaul our school’s eating.

Your white paper will share a problem, as well as provide a solution. Your goal is to convince your readers this is the best solution. These papers were early used in strictly government setting, but have infiltrated our working world. They have become so predominately used because of their effectiveness. Learn the specifics outlined above to write an effective white paper.

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