Marketing Needs of a Dunkin Donut Franchisee


Dunkin Donuts is an American global retailer of baked goods and coffee, located in Canton, Massachusetts. Being one of the biggest doughnut and coffee franchised companies in the world, it is known to serve more than three million customers per day in thirty seven different countries. As a franchised company, Dunkin Donuts operates on a franchise system which comprises the parent company, referred to as the franchisor and an individual or a firm, known as the franchisee. The franchisee enters into a contract with the franchisor to establish a retail outlet, after which the franchisor assists in choosing the site, establishing the business and training personnel. The franchisee on the other hand, upon payment of a onetime franchise fee, is required to participate in the day -to-day running of the business with the main aim of success.

It is this need for business success that necessitates franchisees to meet certain marketing requirements geared towards profit maximization. This research aims at clearly bringing these needs into the light. Firstly, in order to meet expansion objectives, adequate capitalization is essential for any Dunkin Donut franchisee even though needs vary by market. Secondly, the franchisee should be able to buy development opportunities by maintaining adequate resources. Thirdly, experience is a key factor in any business. A good franchisee therefore understands and is self-driven towards community involvement and local store marketing. In relation to this, understanding the local community is essential as this assists in tailoring sales towards meeting consumer needs. He should have experience in managing and operating a single or multi-unit business enterprise and in food service. Moreover, being conversant with the real estate development process is of great importance.

A good franchisee should be passionate as this is a driving force towards excellence. He should have a passion and commitment for growth in new and existing markets, have an ability to build an excellent performing team in areas such as service delivery and be capable of providing a high level of customer service to guests at all times. Lastly, according to Brooke, a good Dunkin Donut franchisee should continuously advocate for constant product innovation and brand improvement in order to maintain brand consistency.


Generally, it is clear that for business success, a good marketing approach is necessary for the operators, and this entails creating and adopting successful marketing strategies.

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