Free Examples of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Understanding the Cause and Effect Essay

Most people think that in a cause and effect essay that you write both about the causes and effects of something within one essay. However, this is not true. Trying to write about both the causes and effects of any topic would not only create too lengthy of an essay but also one which has that dreaded “seesaw” or predictable structure where you discuss a cause, then an effect, or all the causes and then all the effects. You have to choose, instead, to talk about the causes or effects of an issue – which ever one would create the most compelling essay. First pick several topics that interest you – say global warming. Now, would it be more interesting to talk about the causes of global warming or the effects of it? With this topic either one would make a good essay.

Ideas to Help You Strategize Cause and Effect Topics

Think about the positive and negative effects of something—this is an easy way to come up with two different effects type of spins on topics. You might not want to do global warming, as the effects here are only, very gravely bad—but other things like technology, animal testing, drug education for children/teens, the HPV vaccine being required of all teens, birth control, and other issues which could have both positive and negative effects. Using animals in research, of course, helps scientists advance technology and discover cures while being cruel to animals, of course, and some argue that with today’s technologies, there are other ways to experiments without an actual, living host. As these are all very clearly your point of view the “I” thesis would be firmly welcome. You can also edit the “I” out easily later.

Here are Some Good Free Cause / Effect Topics for Essays

  1. The Positive Effects of Technology on Education
  2. The Negative Effects on Education of Technology
  3. The Positive/Negative Effects of Cohabitation before Marriage
  4. The Positive/Negative Effects of Divorce on Children
  5. The Positive/Negative Effects Sibling Rivalry/Competition
  6. The Positive/Negative Effects of Being a Twin
  7. The Causes of Global Warming
  8. What are the causes of very young teens becoming sexually active?
  9. The Positive Effects of Breast Feeding on Children
  10. The Positive/Negative Effects of Allowing an Infant to Sleep with Their Parents at Night
  11. The Positive/Negative Effects of Home Schooling
  12. The Amish Lifestyle and its Effects on Kids
  13. The Causes of Depression
  14. The Effects of ADD/HAD on Parents and Children
  15. Teasing and Other Psychological Affects of Children/Teens who Have to Wear Back Braces, Major Scoliosis Braces, Leg braces, etcetera to School
  16. The Positive/Negative Effects of Social Media on Young People
  17. How Does a Suicide at a School Affect Children/Teens
  18. Understanding Trauma: School Shootings and Long Term Effects on Teens
  19. What Causes Poor Water Quality in Some Parts of America
  20. The Positive/Negative Effects of Being Driven/Obsessed with Making As.

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