Composing A Powerful Short Essay About Abortion: Advice To Follow

A topic such as abortion is usually surrounded by loads of controversy. Most people either strongly agree or disagree with it. Very few people don’t have an opinion. Because of this, you will really need to sharpen your persuasion skills if you are going to be successful. With a short essay, you don’t have much room to do this. In other words you must be precise and powerful as opposed to lengthy and long-winded.

Steps to writing your paper

After you have chosen a narrower topic within the broad category of abortion, write your thesis statement. It should be brief and show your reader what your stand is on this issue. Be resolute and assertive.

  1. Write the introduction paragraph, and insert your thesis statement near the end of this paragraph. This is an essential part of your paper because it establishes your point of view and provides a foundation upon which to build your argument.
  2. Do your due diligence when conducting your research for your topic. Use respectable sources to establish your side of the issue. This uses other peoples’ views to strengthen your own, in turn adding credibility to your work.
  3. Write the body of your paper. You will need at least three main points and some data or evidence to elaborate upon each one. These three main points will be in three different paragraphs. You can also consider presenting an opposing view and then use examples and reasoning to refute it. This is an effective way to support your own view.
  4. You can debate the issue you are presenting, but avoid sounding like you are lecturing or preaching to them. Rely on facts to sway your audience. Add some solid personal argument as well. Make sure every claim you make is backed up by evidence, examples and so forth. This will help solidify your credibility.
  5. Wrap up your paper with a good solid conclusion. This should be a brief summary of what you’ve written as well as a reminder of the thesis statement and your firm resolve of your viewpoint.
  6. When all is written, do a thorough editing. Look for weak transitions and reword them so there is a good flow from one thought to the next. Make sure that there are no gaps in the logic. When this part is complete, proofread and clean up the spelling errors.

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