Essential Elements of an Effective Literature Essay Outline

You will be asked to write some difficult compositions, and you have to accept it. Literature essays ask you to take a look at a novel or other piece of literary work. You have to be able to point out that makes the piece stand out. Your job is going to be made much easier if you follow the essential elements of an effective outline.

  1. Title. You select a topic to write and it should be the very first item noticed in the outline.
  2. Table of Contents. This is going to be the blueprint of your composition. The various sections will be noted, and the page or pages they are located on.
  3. The Introduction. These opening sentences grab the attention of the reader. Have that in mind when you write it.
  4. The Body of the Essay. This is where you show you have a command of the topic. You can discuss what you discovered in a literature search, explain the similarities and contrast found in the work, and indicate what lessons for knowledge is derived from the review.
  5. The Conclusion. This is where you wrap everything up and provide final assessment of the work. It is not a good idea to rush through this because it is just as important as the Introduction or the Body. It is where you leave a lasting impression on the reader of your skills.

These are the bare bones of the outline but you have a lot of work left to do. You have to show insights into the work, commenting on that the author is trying to do and perhaps showing how it relates to the period in time. You ought to think of your essay as a means of instruction. The reader should be able to draw something from which you have researched, and understand the logic of your composition.

This all can be very difficult if you are not use to writing. Many science and math may run into problems, the same is true for business administration people. It probably is not very likely that you will write literature works on a routine basis in the coming years. Still, learning how to do it can positively affect your writing style. There are many people simply don’t know how to write and it shows in their work. You can certainly learn from this exercise and be more effective in your written communication as a result. You should not think of this as just another cross to carry in your academic career.

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