What is a Good Topic for a Persuasive Essay: a Few Interesting Prompts

A persuasive essay is one where your job is to take a controversial subject that has more than one side to it and persuade the reader to follow your side.

For example: one hot topic among school children is whether uniforms or a dress code should be required. When writing a persuasive essay you can choose to write about whether the uniforms or dress code or good or bad. Your job is to take one side and argue it thoroughly and logically.

Your persuasive essay can be set up similarly to a five paragraph essay.

Your introduction should be one paragraph. It should house your thesis statement. The introduction might also offer some background information on school uniforms or the dress code. Perhaps some history about it or startling statistics about how many schools actually have one. It should conclude with your thesis statement where you explain which side you are taking.

The body of your essay should be multiple paragraphs long. If, for example, you are arguing for school uniforms you may have three core reasons why the implementation of school uniforms benefits children. One might be academic benefits. Another might be psychological benefits. The third might be financial benefits. Each of the three benefits in question should have one paragraph. In that paragraph you should mention the benefit and provide supporting evidence for it.

The conclusion should wrap up the paper and summarize the evidence you presented in support of your thesis. In the end you want your reader to side with your side in the debate. If you succeed then your essay was quite persuasive indeed.

Below you will find some topic ideas and persuasive essay samples provided by ibuyessay service. Use them as a starting ground from which to pick something you are interested in. Remember too that the samples below are just one side in the argument and you may want to pick another:

  • Men should stop opening doors for women because they might open one for a feminist who does not like it
  • There should be funding for male pregnancy so that females don’t have to do all the work
  • Plastic surgery should not be allowed for cosmetic adjustments and should instead be limited to helping those who suffer from deformities or were in an accident
  • Abstinence only education should be eliminated because it fails to give children the information they need to be safe and thereby increases the rate of teen pregnancy
  • Citizens should be legally required to vote
  • Diet programs need to be illegal

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