22 Winning Discursive Essay Topics To Write About

The purpose of the discursive essay is to discuss a problem, recent issue or controversy. It could be formal or informal, but usually written in a formal manner. It is common for many universities to assign this type of paper to students or applicants. It helps you to examine your skills in writing, evaluate your analysis, and develop your thought formation.

Here are some topics you can explore when searching for the perfect idea for your paper:

  1. What’s most important in freelance writing: content or graphics?
  2. Should couples who live together be given equal status as those who are married?
  3. Should same gender couples be allowed to call their union a marriage?
  4. Do video games have a detrimental effect on the holistic development of children?
  5. To what extent should the use of fossil fuels to run vehicles be limited or banned?
  6. Should school uniform fees be made to suit both privileged and poor?
  7. Is our world actually evolving toward a better place to live?
  8. Do contact sports encourage aggression?
  9. Should college classrooms allow smartphones?
  10. Should the sport of golf be improvised to make it faster than it currently is?
  11. Should women to able to have an abortion no matter the gestation time?
  12. Should the regulated use of steroids be allowed for athletes?
  13. Is it possible to create a society based on matriarchy?
  14. Should the shearing of lambs to make sweaters be banned?
  15. Which deserves more emphasis: improvement of the individual or of society?
  16. Which is more ideal: joint families or nuclear families?
  17. Does technology isolate the individual?
  18. Are apps more of a help or a waste of time?
  19. Should web filters at schools be more relaxed or more restricted?
  20. Is it appropriate and beneficial to use computer games in the setting of classroom instruction?
  21. Can a computer grade your paper as well as a human can?
  22. Is it just as effective to learn online as to learn face to face with a teacher?

Starting with a good topic is the first and most important step to beginning your writing. Read up and be knowledgeable about your topic. Present both the pros and cons. Use quality checks to arrive at an assertion. Remember this is a cursive piece you’re going to write and not a reflective or expository piece.

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