Media In Today's World

Media is a carrier of a message to the bulk audience or viewers. Now a days it has become as necessary tool as food and clothing to convey message to build public opinion and awareness. There are different purposes of using media.

In entertainment it is used in the form of Radio, Television, Telephone, Cinema and Magazines in which most of the free time large number of people spend. As gorwing population and developing their lifesyle, entertainment media is on more demand now around the World.

In knowing news and current affairs around the world media has become major contributor. Now with the help of media either through news papers, news channels in television people are knowing weather conditions and travel conditions around the world just sitting at their home so that they can plan for the coming trip and they are knowing current events occuring around the world so that they can participate in a debate and educate even illeterate people at their rural residence or office. The most important advantage of this through TV channel and internet in computer or mobile they can know the information when ever and wher ever they want without any time delay.

In education also the media plays a vital role. When students stuck to get an idea while they learn by reading or writing some thing, through internet it is made very easy to get a new idea by knowing some information which helps for their initiation at the further work. Now a days through smart mobile phones or android phones it has become very easy to operate internet. In most of the schools and colleges now they are using Web media for allotment of work and testing the knowledge of students by conducting online exams and creating some online study stuff as the part of their education.

Government is also using media through internet, TV news channel, news paper in making some public announcements. And it is provided to the people to take some governement services like applying for Passport, or any other identity cards, some certificates such as birth certificate. And it is made very easy and simple to make bill payments such as electricity, phone bill and property and income tax etc., through web media.

Even though there are lot of advantages, some disadvantages are there with meda. Media has bad effect of inducing baseless ideas and information shared with more freedom. It may lead to force the people some times to involve in some anti social and criminal events. Some times media develops unnecessary sensatin and truth distortion to draw attention. As it has greater power in building public opinion, media can make or break the government rules.

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